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Endoscopic Neurosurgery in Hyderabad

What is Endoscopic Neurosurgery ?

Endoscopic neurosurgery is primarily done for the treatment of brain tumours. It is that type of surgery that lets the surgeons to treat the tumours with low invasiveness than the conventional surgeries.

In this process, this tubing system transmits video images of the brain which is inserted deep inside the brain with the help of 1 -2 small incisions through an opening in the body.

This tube which we are talking about is called endoscope which consists of a small camera which helps the doctor to see a clear image of the affected area.

The benefit of this surgery is: -

  • The affected area of the brain cannot be reached with traditional surgery
  • The most crucial part is removing or cutting tumour without harming other areas of the skull
  • Faster recovery time as compared to open brain surgery
  • Less pain during the operation
  • Minimum side-effects
  • Hospital stay is less

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