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Stereotactic Brain Surgery in Hyderabad

What is stereotactic brain surgery ?

Stereotactic Brain Surgery in Hyderabad is a very common process which allows a neurosurgeon to diagnose the brain lesion. Additionally, a tumour is removed with the help of image assistance which is done through an MRI scan.

These MRI images help the doctor to find out the exact location of the lesion by which we remove abnormal tissues by keeping normal and healthy brain intact.

Stereotactic Brain Surgery in Hyderabad

Objective of the surgery

The main motive of the best Brain Surgeons in Hyderabad doing a stereotactic surgery is to remove abnormality which is accessed through the scan and according to the symptoms of the patients. MRI scan’s main function is to deliver the safest pathway to the surgeon while performing surgery so that the patients get well easily.

Performance of the surgery

Stereotactic brain surgery in Hyderabad is done with the help of a computer system which shows the previous image of the patient, mainly that image which is done 1-2 days back.

MRI scan image is imported into the system which gives the doctors a 3-dimensional image of the brain of the patient. This image helps us to see where we are operating exactly in the brain so that we can easily remove the lesion from it.

Hospital stay for the patient

We as the best hospital for brain surgery in Hyderabad know that patients need to recover as soon as possible from such a serious problem and we do or try our best to treat them with care so that they can stay at home and perform their responsibilities.

That's why minimum 3-4 days patients have to stay depending upon the conditions and in case they have some other issues like seizures, weakness, then additional stay is recommended to treat those issues.